Independence Day 2018

I dedicate this blog to my mom, Mariet Sagrestano Varban, who passed this past year. She gave my sisters and I the courage, spirit, and strength to advocate, defend, and support human rights.

This political blog was created as a central resource of civic response to the current administration’s policies and legislation. If there is a time to be involved in this Democracy,  it is now.  We are each responsible for molding the architecture of this nation’s purpose and values. There are no small actions. Let this Independence Day be the beginning of a ripple effect,  one small pebble at a time.

This blog follows the structure of Inform, Respond, and Reflect

Inform:   This section will have text or links to read regarding federal, state, and local issues, in addition to candidates in the State, Local and Congressional Midterm Elections.

Respond : Each post will provide information and/or links to actions. Responses vary by how much time you have available:

Minimum Time

  • Donations  Donate within your means. Fundraising will be crucial for 2018 Congressional, State, and Local  candidates.

Moderate Time

  • Hold your 2018 Congressional, State, and Local incumbent and candidate accountable for each and every issue before the election. 
    • Call
    • Email
    • Attend meetings and public events and ask questions. 
  • Participate in an organized march  – I’ll give notice for scheduled marches but feel free to join any pop-up kinds. Handwritten signs are very effective. Have your children and grandchildren help with these, and join the march. 

Abundant Time

  • Meet, organize  and plan. Small locally based discussion groups are a powerful tool. They can have a big impact on the national debate.
  • Volunteer for a 2018 election campaign. I will provide information concerning the upcoming midterm elections, in addition to governor, state senators, and assembly members. Democrats are notorious for not showing up at midterm elections, and that’s one variable as to how Republicans have been successful at taking over statehouses, in addition to the Congress.
  • Help in getting out the vote through phone banking, canvassing, and voter registration drives.

Reflect: This Fourth of July Celebration

The Declaration of Independence was always our vision of who we wanted to be, our ideal of freedom and justice, how we were going to be different, and what the American experiment was going to be about. Marian Wright Edelman Founder and President of the Children’s Defense League

It was that which gave promise that in due time the weights should be lifted from the shoulders of all men, and that all should have an equal chance. This is the sentiment embodied in that Declaration of Independence. Abraham Lincoln, 16th US President

The Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution, the constitutions of the several states, and the organic laws of the territories all alike propose to protect the people in the exercise of their God-given rights. Not one of them pretends to bestow rights. Susan B Anthony, Social Reformer and Women Rights Activist

Our government leaders… have made many mistakes in the past when they have lost sight of the sacred American values rooted in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. We are at the brink of even graver mistakes and assaults on these values.  Samuel Dash, Chief Counsel, Senate Watergate Committee

We have had in our nation a well-celebrated Declaration of Independence. But our success as a country will depend upon a new ‘Declaration of Inter-dependence.’ A belief in how much we need each other, how much we share one common destiny.     Cory Booker, NJ Senator








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I am a retired public school teacher who believes that a strong democracy rests on the shoulders of its citizens. This blog was created as a central resource of civic engagement. Together, we can make a difference. Follow me on Twitter: Determined@2AlterTheCourse
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